Wealth Fund Services is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, License No (MC UCITS 6/78/2012)

Who we are


Wealth Fund Services Ltd is a management company which complies with the law 78/2012, based in Cyprus and licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission) as a UCITS management company with license No 6/78/2012. It operates in the field of setting-up, running and managing UCITS Mutual Funds and Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) in line with the recent EU Directive UCITS IV which is implemented by the Cypriot legislation.

The primary goal of the Company is the protection of the assets under management remaining focused on achieving high return yields and providing top quality services to its customers.

What makes Wealth Fund Services different from other Management companies?

  • Team-based investment management using disciplined processes.
  • Depth and breadth of expertise in every key asset class and market.
  • New and ground-breaking ideas to widen clients’ investment opportunities.


Fundamental Principles

  • Integrity, Ethos, Discretion, Consistency and Sense of Responsibility consist the primary values of Wealth Fund Services. These are the vehicles that help us create long-term and successful relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Our first priority is to accomplish our clients’ investment objectives and exceed their client service expectations. At the same time, we create value to the Shareholders of the Company and the community in general.


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